Minute Books & Archival Paper

Martin & Chapman Co. is your trusted vendor for Minute Books and Archival Paper.
The Minutes Books we distribute are made from fine leather and imitation leathers. They are the highest quality and custom made to your specifications. Use Minute Books for meetings, corporations, important events and municipal records necessary for long lasting archival retention.
In addition to customizing Minute Books, we offer a variety of choices for filler sheets. As Records Manager, you spend hours preparing and documenting all of the functions of your city council meetings. These documents are both legal and historical records of your city councils proceedings.
Make sure your legacy is maintained by using the correct archival paper. We can assist you in ordering the right paper to assure your records will last a lifetime.
We offer unlimited choices for both Minute Books and Archival Paper. For more information, go to the Minute Books and Archival Paper page.
Martin & Chapman now offers Waterproof Files Bags! Protect your vital files from floods, sprinkler damage, fire hose damange, mold and mildew. 1 Box/2 Bag minimum order. Dimensions: 31.5" L x 18.25" H x 16" W. See order form below to order your bags today!
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