Ballot Production

Governed by code sections, and charged with the duty to conduct a successful election, the election official thinks twice as hard about the decisions they make and the company they should trust to assist them. The decision is less on what a print shop promises – it is about how a print shop delivers on that promise. We've built our trust based on a proven ballot printing process and never on just a spoken promise. Your needs are unique and we customize our service model to exceed your expectations because trust is hard fought, and easily lost.

Competitive pricing and stellar customer service reviews help Martin & Chapman Co. maintain and draw new customers. Ask for a referral, we would be happy to supply you with a number of them.

Safety Measures
It starts with a transfer of data using our secure FTP site and ends with your ballots being safely delivered to you. During the entire process your information and ballots never leave our sight. Ballots are always printed at our facility and never outsourced. We use vendor printing guidelines to ensure that ballots are produced according to vendor specifications. Pre-tinted stock is stored in a secure cage, and all ballot stock has a detailed accounting. In addition, any surplus of ballots are properly shredded when the election code allows for it. Martin & Chapman Co. does not comment, nor answer questions regarding your election to anyone outside your organization unless instructed to by you, the customer. We take serious precautions to ensure that data in both digital and physical forms do not come in contact with unauthorized access, use, disclosure, or inspection. 
We are state certified in California to print the following ballot styles:
  • ES&S 100/550/650
  • Premier ACCUVOTE

We conduct the following types of elections:

  • Municipalities
  • County and Statewide
  • Organizations 
  • Landowner Weighted Value (Proposition 218 Elections)
  • Home Owner Associations
  • Annexations 
  • Conventions
Services and Options include:
  • Image Manipulation - PDF, PS, Indd.
  • Multiple Ballot Sizes
  • Print by Ballot Type or by Precinct
  • Multiple Stubs with Variable Data
  • Printing and Generating Pre-marked Logic and Accuracy Test Decks
  • Test and Duplicate Ballots
  • Vote-by-Mail Ballots
  • Precinct / Provisional Ballots
  • Pre-tinted Ballot Stock
  • Folding, Numbering, Stitching, Perforation, Shrink Wrapping
  • Detailed package boxing and labels
Your election night success is our priority and you can be confident that your ballots will be registered, trimmed correctly, and have matching fronts/backs. 
We look forward to the opportunity to earn your business.