Election Consulting

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Election official: "A county clerk, city clerk, registrar of voters, or election supervisor having jurisdiction over elections within any county, city or district within the state." 

-EC 320(b)
More than a print and supplies shop, Martin & Chapman Co. separates itself from its competitors by being able to provide the election law answers you need. On any given day our team answers ten to hundreds of California election law questions. We are committed to your jurisdiction and its continued success, because your success is always our priority.
We're here to help you stay out of the newspaper headlines. Sometimes small mistakes can mean big consequences and our goal is to make sure you get the correct information every time. We want you to avoid situations that sometimes lead to a loss of confidence with voters and supervisors. We want to make sure you give your constituents the right information, stay out of court, and that your resolutions, forms, and notices are correct and on time. Two events happen every year, one is new election legislation, and second is case law brought on by litigation. We keep track of both to make sure you get the most up to date information.
Help saving you Time
Ever have a question that you couldn't find the answer to? Does your city attorney take a few days to get back to you? First time running an election by yourself? There are a variety of reasons why cities and counties elect to have Martin & Chapman Co. assist them with their election based inquiries. Our team is available during business hours to take your calls, or simply send us an email and we will get back to you with a detailed response. By having us take the guess work out of your questions we help get you back to your work and constituents. We provide the guidance to make sure that you meet your deadlines and follow the letter of the law.
Help saving you Money
Don't get stuck doing the same routine and expect a different result. The election code gives general law and charter cities a variety of tools to help save money. When you sign up for our consulting package one of the first questions you should ask us is, "how can we save money on our next election"? Using our expertise in election law, we can take your specific jurisdiction profile and recommend a strategy for staying well below the budget. Examples include switching election dates, conducting an all mail ballot election, product recommendations, precinct consolidation, postal savings with political mail, Vote-By-Mail tracking, voter language requirements...etc. You'll quickly find out how a simple question can turn into a detailed solution for your jurisdiction.