Inserting & Mailing

Save time and money by having Martin & Chapman Co. insert and mail your Vote-by-Mail and Sample Ballots. Our knowledge in postal requirements and services will help you decide which route will maximize your postal discounts. 

High Speed Inserting
Our high speed inserter helps maintain correct material integrity while also ensuring your products get out on time. Cameras and scanning sensors are built into our inserter to mitigate the risks that are found in older inserters (such as no pick, double pick, or wrong ballot). We have the ability to give you an accounting of a "one-to-one" match, or just a report of the total number of pieces mailed. 
We offer a large selection of envelopes in different sizes, colors, and styles to meet your case by case needs. Our Hide-A-Signature envelope helps deliver the ballot back to your office while maintaining sensitive information private. We also offer envelopes that are more cost effective to help you save money on postage by sending the ballot and sample ballot out in the same package. Lastly, we offer "off-the-shelf" envelopes that are budget friendly in different sizes and color. Our Vote-By-Mail wording templates have been professionally translated into seven different languages to meet election code and Department of Justice requirements. All of our envelopes are ink-jetted in house to keep costs down, and to personalize your mailing route. 
Mailing Services
  • Different Postal Rates: First-Class, Automation, Standard Rate, Non-Profit Rate
  • Track-My-Mail Service: Track your mail from the time the piece enters the mail, down to when it should hit the voters mailbox.
  • NCOA: National Change of Address certification to make sure your addresses are clean and up to date.
  • Returned VBM Tracking Software: Our custom software keeps track of your mailed and returned VBM ballots. It gives you detailed accounting and polling place information for each voter.
  • Vote Remote: Use this system to automatically scan and verify signatures on returned VBM envelopes.
  • SCF Post Office Delivery: We ship your Vote-By-Mail envelopes directly to your postal SCF to get a bigger discount and to ensure your voters get their ballot 2-3 days sooner.
  • Zip Code Sorting: We sort down to the zip-code to give you the biggest postal discount.
  • Postcards: Postcard mailings to increase Vote-By-Mail registration, or change of polling place notices.
  • Status Updates: Keep track of our internal status of your job with our client portal. 
We can take care of all your mailing needs. Our priority is to make sure your materials go out on time, that the right piece goes to the right voter, and that we maximize your postal discount.
Give us a call for a consultation on how we can save you money.