When the polls close only one thing comes to mind, election results. Martin & Chapman Co. helps provide you with accurate, high speed ballot counting on election night.

Exclusive to Martin & Chapman Co. and certified by the Secretary of State in California, the OPTO-MARK voting system has been providing high-speed and accurate results since 2001. The optical scan card reader can count up to 600 ballots per minute. It is available as a rental or as a purchase. The OPTO-MARK voting system is a cost effective alternative to conduct your election. 
We offer formatting, language translation, maintenance, programming, reporting and election night counting. Available reports include: By Precinct, Running Total, Statement of Votes and Summary.
The OPTO-MARK "52 format" 
This ballot card has the names of candidates and/or measures printed on the front and back sides of the ballot card and uses the right side voting positions. You will have unlimited ballot card capacity, as you can have multiple ballot cards per voter.
Created and designed by Martin & Chapman Co., our automated scanning solution captures and counts weighted ballot elections automatically. This versatile solution can be used in land owner elections such as Proposition 218 elections to determine the outcome of the proposed fees, assessments or taxes.
We offer ballot designs, mailing, reporting and election night counting for jurisdictions. We have operating speeds that range from 55-220 ballots per minute depending on the application. We can supply a detailed report of ballots cast and/or a summary for your certification.
Give us a call – we can help you understand the process and provide a solution that will better serve your needs.