Voter Information Guides

Voter Information Guide Production

Different needs yield different products. Martin & Chapman Co. offers a variety of options to help you choose and deliver the right Voter Information Guide to your voters. Our digital and offset printing presses allow us to meet or better your price expectations on any quantity or type of Voter Information Guide. Our state of the art quality control process ensures that the right book and page goes to the right voter. 
Options and Customization
  • Content customization: Choose from different candidate statement styles we have or create your own. 
  • Language Requirements: We give you different options to and help you fulfill your Department of Justice language requirements.
  • Language Translations: Court Certified Translations are available upon request. 
  • Inserts: Save money by sending an insert of candidate statements in-lieu of a full Voter Information Guide.
  • Facsimile Pamphlet: Send foreign language Voter Information Guide to only those voters who request them.
  • Information Digests: A smaller version of our Voter Information Guide, this digestis 5.5x8.5" and great for stuffing inside an envelope, or a 11x17" sheets folded to a pamphlet size.
  • Web Press Books: Everything from full color pictures to glossy covers, this option allows you to be as creative as you want and highlight specific areas in your sample ballot.
  • Cover Design: Have a specific idea in mind? Give us a theme and we can help you create a cover to showcase your jurisdiction, or supply your own camera ready art.
  • Filler Pages: Choose from an assortment of filler pages to fill in the empty spaces you may have, or supply your own camera ready art.
  • Typesetting: Maps, tables, measures, arguments, candidate statements, photos, PDF, OCR, we do it all.
  • Proofing: Email, fax, Acrobat Indesign, Word, we offer a variety of methods to proof and sign off your pages.